Confession of Sin: Ps. 119:65-72

You are good, Heavenly Father, and you do good. Yet we know that we are not good, and we have not done the good we ought to do. We have not been holy and good in all that we do, unlike you. We afflict others by our sins, and we respond wrongly to our own affliction. Thank you that we […]

Confession from Psalm 119:57-64

Triune God, we confess our sinful delays. We have not obeyed you right away, all the way, and with a happy heart. Our feet and hands have been slow because our hearts were wayward, loving sin. Not only pardon our sins, but transform us to be like Jesus Christ. He never turned to the right or the left, but continued […]

Psalm 119:57-64 Prayer

Father, Forgive me for believing my fruit comes from idols, not from you. You are my portion, yet I often live as though other things were my portion. When I choose sin, I declare that you are not my portion. That you are not all my fruit. That you are not sufficient, or good enough. Forgive me and instill in […]