Father, Forgive me for believing my fruit comes from idols, not from you. You are my portion, yet I often live as though other things were my portion. When I choose sin, I declare that you are not my portion. That you are not all my fruit. That you are not sufficient, or good enough. Forgive me and instill in my heart a firm belief that you are my portion. Enable me, by your Spirit, to say, “The Lord is my portion” when I am weak. Enable me to say, “The Lord is my portion,” when I am strong. Enable me to say “The Lord is my portion” when I am tempted by the world. Because you are my portion, make me steadfast in my attention to you—meditating on your word, worshiping you, and fellowshipping with your people. Strengthen me to invite others to choose the good portion as well. (Based on Psalm 119:57-64 & Hosea 14:8)