Corporate Confession of Sin: Ps 119:161-168

King of kings and Lord of lords, you stand above all princes and rulers. Forgive us for ascribing power to others above you. We have been fearful of the persecution of princes when we ought to stand in awe of you and your words. Yet we thank you for giving us your word as an anchor for our souls in […]

Confessing Sin, using Ps. 119:153-160

Gracious God, we call on you for forgiveness this morning in all humility. We deserve the wages of sin, all the afflictions of this life plus everlasting torment in hell. We have not sought you and obedience to your rules as we ought, so we plead that you would redeem us from sin and affliction. Give us life! “Great is […]

Prayer of Confession: Ps 119:145-152

“With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O LORD!” We cry out to you for help this morning as those who are small and despised, who have experienced the misery of sin. Save us from our sin. Hear our voices, according to your steadfast love. We have brought sin near to us, yet we thank you that you are […]