Holy God, there is none like you. We bow down before your infinite majesty, your perfect justice, and your inexplicable mercy. You have done what human ‘wisdom’ cannot explain—bestowed salvation on those weak and lowly, saved us through Christ crucified. We give thanks to you for saving us through faith in Christ. You have done this despite our craving of worldly significance, worldly power, and worldly glory. Our sinful quest for significance has manifested a conformity to the world’s thinking and has resulted in our mistreating others whom we deem insignificant, those who cannot help us climb the world’s ladder of significance. We have foolishly thought ourselves significant because of worldly accomplishments, forgetting that they are all rubbish compared to knowing Christ, and being found in him. Therefore, our sins before you should relegate us to insignificance forever; yet in profound mystery, you have saved us from our sins. We thank you for the Shepherd-King born in Bethlehem who is our peace with you. By your Spirit, transform us to view “significance” rightly—as loving justice and mercy, as walking humbly with our God. Make us rejoice in the significance you have bestowed on us by redeeming us, setting your name on us, placing your Spirit within our hearts. With this hope, preserve us in the trials and sufferings of this present world, For we pray in the name of Jesus, amen. (Drawn from Micah 5)