Gracious God and Father, we humble ourselves before you and plead for forgiveness today. Isaiah tells us that sin separates us from you, and we know it all too well. Sin also separates us from the neighbors we are called to love. You care for everything and everyone you created, but we are focused only on ourselves. When we run away from you and your paths of righteousness, we go downward and inward, like Jonah asleep in the ship’s cabin. Forgive our many sins and turn our souls towards you and others. Instill compassion in us that we may be like you, full of mercy, abounding in steadfast love. Make us steadfast in our confession of faith and enable us to live in accord with our confession. Thank you for our Savior, who seeks and saves the lost, stills the storms, and purchases our forgiveness with his life, amen.

Based on Jonah 1