Holy, Holy, Holy Triune God, we confess the sins of our tongues. Small but powerful, we have used our lips like swords, to hurt and not to heal. We have said things to and about people that we should not have. Our tongues have been like springs from which flow both sweet and bitter waters. When taunted, we have taunted in return. Yet Christ has died for our sins of speech. We know that our sinful words were like the nails that pierced Christ. For his sake, put truth and love in our mouths. Give us kind answers to all. Make our words seasoned with grace, by the Gracious Spirit. Thank you for your steadfast love poured out in our hearts by the Spirit. We love you, who first loved us, and we pray this through our mediator, the God-man Jesus Christ, amen. (Based on Psalm 119:41-48)